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Our History

Our History

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Fun and Exciting rides at CVS!

Welcome to Cumberland Valley Shows

     Since its inception over twenty-five years ago, Cumberland Valley Shows has prided itself in providing the best in family entertainment.  The family fun business is proud of its well respected reputation in the industry.  It has always been a goal of Cumberland Valley Shows to make every visit of every patron a memorable and enjoyable one.  With this concept in mind, Cumberland Valley Shows developed the following mission statement:Midway

     Cumberland Valley Shows is committed to providing safe, enjoyable, and economical family entertainment to all its customers.  We shall accomplish our goal in a businesslike, professional, honest, and unbiased manner.   Simply put, we shall strive to assure that all who come in contact with our show have a positive and entertaining experience.  Lastly, Cumberland Valley Shows understands that our future depends on continuing to deliver value and quality to all our customers all of the time.  We shall always work to this end.

Rides, Games, Food and Family Fun!
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Down Draft   
 Floorless Seating
Rotates at 15 RPM
Arms quickly raise & fall

Always 1st Class

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Cumberland Valley Shows, Inc.
200 Carver Lane    Lebanon, Tennessee 37807 
Phone:  (615) 200-7430    Fax:  (615) 523-1330

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